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Processing our Chicken Processing

For years now, Bill and I have discussed getting our own meat chickens.  We wanted to know it all.  What the process looked like, what our food ate, control their environment and make them feel safe and loved during their short life.  We wanted to give ourselves to them and sacrifice our time to them since they very quickly give their lives in order for us to be sustained.  Well 10 weeks ago we got meat chickens chicks and yesterday was our first processing day.  We learned the process of getting a chicken to alive and well to packaged and in the fridge.  It was very educational and also emotional, as we raised these birds from two days old. I will never forget how I felt taking a birds life to feed my family.  It hit my soul in a unique way and I want to stay fresh to that pain.  After I held the knife and looked at the bird and burst into tears.  Our farm mentor said "I would be worried about you if you didn't feel emotions."  I stood still for a few moments givi
What has changed since I last wrote?  I looked back to see lots of posts revolving around what I was reading (which I would love to continue to document here or you can follow along on Goodreads because I log everything there!).  I posted about food often as well.  I was forcing myself to think of this space as "themed and content" driven, but what I really want/need is a journal type format to mind dump.  I have a lot on my mind!  I know people will read these words (maybe just a handful of people, but people still the same!) and my new goals are simple vulnerability and honesty.  Please read with grace for a person in process.   I think the biggest thing I am learning in this season is if something is a priority, you make time for it.  If it is not, you won't.  I have had quite a few people ask me how I have time to read with 2 little kids and a farm to manage and I tell them, I just do.  I just read a little bit here and there and listen to audio books while I am