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Other Neighborhoods: Pictures from Maui

I realized that I never shared pictures from our trip to Maui back in September, so I thought better late than never!  What a beautiful place and what a wonderful time we had as a little family of three.  So much delicious food, gorgeous weather and quality family time  😊   We can’t wait to go back!

"I Could Never Do That"

Lately, I feel like every time I tell someone about something positive I am doing – reading more, deleting social media intermittently, practicing sabbath, watching less TV, delaying gratification, etc… their first response is… “Oh that’s so great! I could never do that.”   I cringe Every.   Single.   Time.   Because in reality, they CAN make any changes they find important, they are just choosing not to.   Why is that a gut reaction response?   Personally, when I hear someone making a change in their life I run it through a filter of “Should I be doing something similar?   Do I feel convicted about what they feel convicted about?” and then I ask them questions about what led them to that decision. I think the first time this started bothering me is when I went to Uganda and Rwanda for a month back in college.   Most of the time I was there the bathroom situation was a latrine, which is essentially a very deep hold in the ground with four walls around it.   No electricity or plum

At the Library - January 2019 Reading

These are the books I finished reading in January.  Personally, this is a huge deal for me.  I cannot remember the last time I finished 3 books in the same month, but the really good news is that I am already on pace to do it again next month!  In fact, I might even complete 4 or 5 if I can stay on track.  Honestly, most of what it takes for me is not watching tv anymore really.  Finishing books gives me the largest sense of satisfaction and gives my mind a wonderful escape into new worlds.  Much more so than finishing a TV show!  I am currently on a search for what is best for me, not just what is easiest. I would like to be committed this year to reporting my monthly reading on here as a means for accountability (and fun!), and while I am talking about accountability, I will be telling you in December that this year I completed reading the Bible.  Bill and I started a program to read the Bible in one year and we are committed.  One month in and on track.  They say it takes 3