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I have been thinking a lot lately about creative expression.   I know many people who have found their mode - they are writers, public speakers, singers, florists, designers, film makers, photographers and painters.  They see the world through those lenses and they make their mark as often as possible.  They breathe beauty and find meaning.  They inspire me. I have tried many creative expressions on as my own.  I have painted and written and done photography and sang and created mixed media pieces, and while some fit better than others, I do continue to return to the same expression consistently as a means of calming.  I think we all need a more beneficial way to "tune out" rather than television.  Numbing our brains feels like a cop-out to me, but I think engaging our brains in a different way seems healthier.  Does that even make sense? However, what I have been thinking about lately, is whether or not we all have a "best creative fit" or a tendency to he