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I am learning everything, and I actually mean EVERYTHING takes intentional actions if you want it to be its best.  Nothing happens organically without work.  Nothing.  Marriage, relationship with the Lord, parenting, health, career, friendships, family relationships, education, goals... all of it requires work.  Not all work is hard, but all work requires us to be present.  All of it.  No exceptions.   I constantly feel tired lately.  I also, finally, feel full of life.   Like I am working towards a healthier life overall - spiritually, emotionally, relationally and physically.  I feel present and capable and really freed up to spend time how I would like to.  I sleep hard and am finally able to really be present.  I am sure that many people wonder how, and unfortunately I don't have a 10 step program, but I can say that the biggest thing that has changed is I tried to eliminate distraction wherever I see it.  To be honest, I am not completely dominating this, but I am WORKING