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A Penny for Your Thoughts - On Letting go of TV in My Life

I loved TV.   I loved trashy TV.   I could sit on the couch for days on end and marathon show after show.   I followed reality TV stars on Social Media.   I commented on their lives as if they know me to other people who watched these shows. I lost sleep when I needed to know what is happening in the next episode of a show.   I used TV as therapy when I didn't like what was going on in my own life.   I used TV to calm me down when I was feeling stressed. I looked up who is in relationships in Hollywood and read about their divorces and dark secrets. I got bizarre pleasure out of Hollywood scandal. I identified with characters style and clothing and began to think I need what they are wearing. My life was deeply negatively affected by TV. So I quit TV. I stopped watching it constantly. My anxiety level dropped almost instantly. My sleep deepened immediately. I wasn't constantly distracted by the screen. I took that time back to spend with my pe