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At the Library - Favorite CookBooks of 2017

I love cookbooks. Ask my husband, and he will tell you he is always laughing at me because I flip through them constantly.  I just love food - the smells, the tastes, the comfort it creates... it all just warms my heart deeply.  I love having people in my home for a meal.  I love being in other people's homes for a meal.  Ambiance around a dinner table cannot be replaced. While I have acquired quite a few cookbooks over the past few years, these are the three I have used most in 2017.  Bill and I have decided to do meatless meals a few days a week and two of these books are vegetable centric (it also helps us get creative with what is coming out of the garden at any given time). Heidi really brings it home with this travel inspired book - I feel like I can bring each location into my kitchen.  She does a great job of limiting recipes to not too many ingredients and dang it her food is so naturally pretty.  It just feels simple and elegant and attainable.   My fa

Reagan's First Christmas

Just thought I would share some pictures from our first holiday season with our little lady :)   She is such a sweetheart and we are truly blessed to call her ours.

From Christmas Stress to Holiday Bliss

Despite my best efforts, Christmas has always been a time that brought some stress and anxiety into my life.  I want to get people the perfect presents that cost an amount in my mind that is acceptable (don't be cheap Ryan!), bring only homemade picture perfect food to parties (because everyone is documenting everything these days), make sure my house is always perfectly presentable, host tons of people, be presentable always and never miss a beat.  This year, I gave up the need to be perfect, and found so much freedom. I did bring some homemade food to parties (because we like to cook), I did try to keep my house clean (for my own sanity), I did buy some gifts for people that they will really love (and I removed the monetary obligations I placed on myself for those gifts), we did host a handful of people (and had really quality time with them) and I embraced wearing sweat pants and cozying up to Christmas movies with my little family instead of running around and even said