Friday, June 10, 2016

Maui - Highlights and Recommendations

Bill and I had such a blast in Maui, and I had a few recommendations to pass along for anyone visiting this beautiful island in the future!  Most of them revolve around food and drinks, because, well... duh ;) 

We affectionately call this restaurant on the water "Al's Bar" because I am pretty sure Bill's uncle Al would live in a hammock here if it was possible.  This was one of the first places we went when we arrived in Maui and one of those places that seemed too beautiful to be real.  It was such a gorgeous day and we shared pupus and drank a round of mai tais and just sunk into it.  

5 Palms is a condo building and this bar/restaurant is on the ground floor and there is also a yoga studio below along the water where I took a class one morning.  The waves crashed and the class was gentle. I wish I had done that every single morning.  It was glorious. 

Overall, I wouldn't miss this location.  It was blissfully wonderful.

This was our first stop on the island and it did not disappoint.  I think between the 6 of us we tried most of the beer they have available, and the tasting room is beautiful.  The coconut porter was my personal favorite, but honestly everything we tried was absolutely fantastic and it is nestled in a lovely breezy setting.  We sat on the patio and took our time... It was the best way to begin the trip.  I fished out a tank top in their discount bin on the way out and I love it - the perfect summer tank to remind me of a wonderful experience.

When traveling I am ALL ABOUT local/cultural experiences, so of course I jumped at the chance to have what is considered "Hawaiian" breakfast.  Bill and I split a "Loco Moco" and some other items, but I just loved how unique this was.  Two eggs (made to order), ground beef patty, white rice and brown gravy... Delicious.  Maybe I should become Hawaiian, and take up a running hobby because I will need to if I am eating this kind of breakfast everyday!

This little cafe was also a very special stop because Bill's grandparents went to Maui together every year for many years with some of their dear friends and went to Kihei cafe every morning whenever they were on the island.  So special to experience a place so close to their hearts!

Every time I told people I was going to Maui and asked for suggestions everyone said to go to Mama's!  So the place was hyped up for me, and let me tell you, it really lived up to it.  Amazing cocktails, beautiful view, ridiculous food... it truly was the entire package and I understood why it comes so highly recommended.  

I got a traditional Hawaiian feast and, you guys, every single element was so fantastic.  It came with Mahi Mahi and Wild boar cooked in a ti leaf with a few small sides (that completely rocked my world).  It is one of those places that every single element is handled with such care and our waitress knew everything about each accompaniment.  The fish caught for this restaurant are caught that morning and the menu says what the fisherman's name was and where it was caught... doesn't get much fresher than that!  

This restaurant is right down the street from Ho'okaipa Beach known for tons of sea turtles that come ashore and swim right off the beach.  We went over and saw the turtles and drank coconut water straight out of the coconut (picture in previous post).  Gorgeous, clear, perfect water... such a cool place and experience.

This restaurant gave me major heart eyes.

Someone Bill’s father works with is associated with it, and it was more than just good food.  We had a table reserved at the rooftop bar and live music began a little after we arrived.  Everything was amazing… the food, the service, the music and the view.  At sunset there was a traditional Hawaiian ceremony and we learned about some of the Maui culture.  I cannot even explain why this meal and place were so wonderful, it just had magic.  We all relaxed and enjoyed and no one wanted to leave.  The person singing had such an incredible voice and the ambiance was lingering even after we left.    

This place was probably my favorite place of the trip.  We went to the Southern most point of the island that we could drive to from where we were and we walked along the water.  There is lava rock and live billy goats in this area and it was such colorful and incredible scenery.  The walk along the water was truly breathtaking and somewhere I would go often to clear my head if I lived near by.  Bill seemed really happy here too (which always makes me love a place more) and the drive to this location was fantastic.  

Wow, I guess I had a lot to say - this turned into a very long post!  

 I have so many more places worth mentioning, but these were some of the many highlights of our trip.  I can't wait to go back and have more to tell from my next visit :) 

Aloha friends, have a wonderful weekend!

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