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I feel busy Is that how the rest of my life will feel? Like there is always something I should be doing The day to day feels hard at times And when someone asks why I can’t explain the phenomenon of busyness It’s just wave after wave To do after To do What can I do to prevent this? Saying no seems like the logical answer How do you say no to writing to your grandma? How do you say no to walking your puppy? How do you say no to your brokenhearted friend? How do you say no to dinner with your wonderful in laws? How do you say no to a phone call from your mother? How do you say no to friends birthday celebrations? You do not. You dig in. You keep going. Because they are important to you You sleep hard and you wake early You sneak away for moments alone You get over yourself There will always be something Something that you should not say no to Sometimes just being present is enough Sometimes just being real is enough Sometimes y