Tuesday, January 26, 2016

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things - Life Lately

Life feels like it is rushing by.  
Does anyone relate to that?  

The pictures above are my collection of images over the last month or so... I'll try to give a little synopsis as way of an update on my life! 

Our new home is glorious and as we wrap up our 6th month there (WHOA) we are just now starting to feel settled I think.  Oranges are in abundance and new flowers seem to pop up everyday.  Every time I am in our backyard I feel more in love with our sun room, and every party we have thrown in it has a little magic.  We are planning our 2016 projects and are excited to start our garden this year (fingers crossed).

I feel like we have been beer tasting a lot lately.  A lot of local breweries are right by our house and it is me and Bill's favorite thing to just grab a beer together on a weekend.  

I am back to yoga regularly, and am planning to look for a new studio closer to home.  The one I have been going to I LOVE, but it isn't as practical now that we have the dog to make the trek down.  Speaking of, isn't that picture of me and him wonderful.  Sweet moments like that are what I live for with that little guy :)

Oh and last but not least, that puzzle.  We did it with my parents while they were in town for Christmas (which was the absolute loveliest) and to say it was challenging would be an understatement.  It was however a wonderful holiday activity to do together and reminded us of our European excursion together to the very place in the picture.  

Guys, I am doing well and I am happy and on my way to being healthy again.  I feel like the holidays always encourage a break from the normal healthy ways, when there are things you look forward to all year.  Cheers to a productive and simple 2016 where we all get a chance to connect with those we love and enjoy a pint with family and friends :)

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