Monday, August 3, 2015

We Bought a House!

Ignore the time stamp - Our realtor forgot to update the date!
Wow it’s been awhile friends!! In my absence I have been concentrating on being present, practicing yoga and moving into a new home!  Yoga has become a 3-4 times a week practice for me (over the past 4 months) and my heart feels satiated by it.  I found my forever form of exercise and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.  It has truly made my heart soar and brought me such peace in my own skin.  In other news, my youngest sister moved out to California and the three sisters are reunited on the West Coast!  Her presence has brought me such joy and peace and wow I feel like crying just typing these words.  This season of life feels really rich in love and family.  Blessed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel.

Bill's Parents with us when we went for our property inspection
This past weekend Bill and I moved into a house that we purchased, and to say it is glorious wouldn’t be giving it enough credit.  Sure moving is tough, it was hot outside and all the stress of furnishing a bigger home is weighing on us.  We are real people and with that comes all the real struggles, but man, to have our own home is amazing.  Inside (and more outside) pictures to come, but for now I thought I would share these pictures that happened while we were in escrow.  The story of how the seller’s chose us is also something I want to share, because it is such a God given testimony to patience and confirmation.  You guys, God has been good to me and Bill!  My sister Faith immediately started crying when her car pulled up to the home just thinking about the memories that would be made.  It confirmed so much for me. She has such a sensitive heart to the Lord and she saw everything that it would be for us.

My parents drove across the country with my youngest sister and we were able to get them to see the inside of the house and meet the sellers :)  
Can’t wait to share more.  My heart is so full of things to pour out.  Yoga, my family, my house, decorating, and adventures of house owning will be sure to be future topics.  I feel honored to be back with you all sharing my life.  Looking forward to sharing words with you more often.


  1. This is just so wonderful! I can't wait to come visit!!

  2. This is just so wonderful! I can't wait to come visit!!

  3. Love the pictures of the house and all your family. I wish that I had this idea when we bought our first house. I would have loved to have an image on my parents today with me at my house. Congratulations on the beautiful house and wishing you many years of happiness. The exterior of that house has amazing curb appeal.

  4. How lovely to hear that life is good to you and Bill. My wife lives far away from her only sister and we make long trips every month to see her. It must be fantastic having your family near you, and your house looks wonderful from the outside. Looking forward to seeing more photos when you get the time!

    Glenn @ MMTeam