Thursday, August 6, 2015

Seattle - A Feast for the Eyes

As you will see, as I attempt to catch you up, we have been very busy!  While my posts may be brief, I just feel some things need to be written about even though they were awhile back now!  This trip was back in March, but it was too good not to post about now. 

My husband turned 30, and I don’t want you to think we did not celebrate that! He is my absolutely favorite and spending time with him traveling is the most fun.  For Bill’s 30th birthday (and my 29th) we took a family/friend trip up to Seattle and Portland for 5 days and explored the Pacific Northwest as a group.  My sister and her husband, Bill’s parents and Bill and I flew up to Seattle and stayed just outside the city with Bill’s Aunt and Uncle in their beautiful home.  We went to Pike Market and soaked it in eating oysters, watching fish get thrown, enjoying mid-afternoon beers at a brewery, and admiring all the local artisans, food and gorgeous flowers.  A couple of Pacific North friends drove up to meet us with their son (also our Godson) and enjoyed the tail end of the time there.  We all drove up to a fantastic area called Woodinville and did some wine, beer and spirits tasting and caught a fun lunch together at a brewery.  

There was no better way we could have spent our birthdays :)

To be honest, this trip did something for my soul.  Clean fresh air and a family retreat always makes me happy and this absolutely delivered!  We will visit again for sure, and I look forward to it very much.  After Seattle we drove down to Portland and that post will come soon (too many pictures for one post).  I have traveled quite a bit, and there is no place like the Pacific Northwest.  Hope you enjoy the pictures friends!  

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