Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Portland - Thai Food, Coffee and People that Make me Happy

The second leg of our birthday trip was equally wonderful!  We traveled down to Portland as a big group and went big.  Walked a lot downtown, went to the weekend market, searched out a fabulous brunch with bottomless mimosas, acted like tourists (as you can see my friend making fun of us at Stumptown), ate some of the best Thai food in America at PokPok, strolled through Powell’s book store and spent a ton of time laughing and enjoying each other’s company. But seriously you guys, if you are ever in Portland (and you like Thai food), you MUST go to PokPok for Thai.  It is the closest thing Bill and I have found outside of Thailand and everything we had was incredible.  Also visit Stumptown Coffee Roasters if you are in the area, sure it is touristy, but dang it their coffee is delicious and worth the trip!

I have to say, this traveling group was perfect.  Sometimes traveling in a big group can be very stressful and high maintenance.  Different people get really dramatic, issues arise and it feels like you never get to relax.  However, on this trip, I felt as though we all got lots of relaxation time in, and we each did what we wanted while somehow sticking together.  When I think back on this adventure, all I can do is smile.  I got 5 days with some of my favorite people in beautiful places with great food and good vibes.  What more can you ask for!!  

Oh and by the way, isn't our godson the cutest!  I mean come on... top right.  James and Ali, you did good :)

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