Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sister Bonding - The Pyrex Picker Sisters

You know those gifts that you get every once in awhile that are just perfect?  Someone spent time and energy picking them out just for you and they were dead on.  Well I actually got a couple of those this Christmas (Faith your box touched a very special place in my heart, Cristina those mugs were so wonderful and let's not forget the bike my husband is getting me!), but the one I want to highlight today is one that brought me and some very special women in my life together in such a fun and unique way.  My Brother and Sister-In-Law hunted through thrift stores and  found me and 5 other wonderful women two matching pieces of a vintage pyrex sets picked out individually for us and our personalities.  Mine is called Autumn Harvest and I could not love it more - I mean a sprig of wheat on a rust colored container... need I say more!

Each sister was requested to be looking for pieces to complete their own set and to help other ladies complete theirs.  To say this has been a fun bonding experience would be an understatement.  Lot's of texts have been sent and I was the first to find another edition to my collection at a local antique store. 

I think what I love most about this is now when I see ANY Pyrex I smile.  Each girl's set really fits their personality.  We all have been texting pictures of us using our containers and I just love the energy of it all.

This Christmas was really unique because it was the first time we have all been together in quite some time.  My parents, my siblings, everyone's significant other and a few others that are like family to us.  Hannah and Ashley (pictured above) are not technically related, but they are as close to family as they can be.  Having them there for precious moments and sweet memories is a blessing and an honor.  I love that Nikki and Stephen (My Sister-In-Law and Brother who came up with this idea) included them in this bonding experience.  The other 4 pictured above are my Sisters-In-Law and Sisters, and with our sisterhood complete my heart could not be happier with our blend.  We challenge and defend each other and love so hard.  We are all emotional and cry a lot, and sometimes we just sit close and remember time is precious.

Gosh, I could talk about these women all day!  The Pyrex Picker Sisters is what we have dubbed ourselves, and the true joy this group brings is enough to carry me through a lot of tough days.  Love you girls!  More every day!

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