Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sweet Little Ryleigh - On Our Upcoming Trip

Remember this little bean?  Well she has certainly grown and is getting A LOT of personality :)  

Before heading to my sister's wedding in Baltimore next weekend (October 11) we are visiting some family on the East Coast.  First we are heading to New Jersey and spending time with Bill's Aunt and Uncle and then we are heading to Pittsburgh to hang out with my twin brother, his wife and our sweet little niece.  We are planning a zoo trip, spaghetti night and lots of time relaxing. 

I receive a daily text of pictures of my niece from my sister-in-law and below are some of my favorites I have gotten over the last few months.  I just can't wait to hug her.  She really is such a spot of joy for everyone and we are thrilled to get to spend time around them all.  

The packing has begun and we take a red eye flight to New Jersey on Friday night.  I haven't been super active on here as of late, and I guess that won't change for a few weeks.  

Cheers to the beginning of fall, family time galore and a fantastic wedding ahead!

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