Tuesday, June 17, 2014

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things - As of Late

What am I currently obsessing over?  

As of right now, I have a few things that I cannot stop talking about or tending toward :)

Polka Dots

My collection is growing, and I love the subtle way that they are a throwback.  I now have a polka dot dress, shoes, and a tank top and I am sure more will enter my world soon.   I don't want to be the zany friend who always wears poka dots, but I am really embracing their fun nature and expanding my wardrobe slowly to include them.

My Organic Vegetable Box Delivery

Bill and I have been getting an organic vegetable box from a local farm once a month that we started through Groupon.  It is like Christmas when that thing shows up on the front porch on the first Thursday of every month.  We dig through it and make a plan and I always feel awesome the week we are eating the colorful assortments of goodness.  I know clean eating is being hyped right now and feel really trendy, but I do feel the difference when I eat that way so I cannot help but think there is a lot of truth to it.  This is also such an awesome chance to challenge my culinary skills to come up with unique ways to serve up veggies.  

Being Coffee Free 

I am no longer a coffee drinker.  While to some this may sound like torture, I was having severe acid reflux problems.  It felt like I was having heart attacks constantly, and I am trying not to exaggerate.  Chest pain and stomach pain were a part of my daily life and it was making me so uncomfortable.  I got a list of potential triggers and as I worked through the list I entered into denial.  When I realized it was coffee I fought it for a long time.  However, finally giving in and accepting reality has been amazing.  No more pain or discomfort and my body seems to be adjusting to the early mornings much better than anticipated.  While the first few weeks were rough, I am really glad I did it.  


Oysters are not a new obsession for me, but it's like I have a new wave of craving them.  They are fresh and light and have this wonderful brineiness.  I could eat them everyday, and I definitely had a ton when I was on the East Coast last week.   It is such a perfect outdoor summer treat.  I love them ice cold with hot sauce or on the grill with garlic and butter and just a pinch of parsley. 

What are your Favorite Things these days?  
I would love to hear about them :)


  1. My favorite things lately are feeling my son breathing against me, thinking about things for my new blog, and dunkaccinos!

  2. The summer breeze through our apartment, my new herb garden, tarragon in salads, aaannnnnddd...sunshine through our bedroom window at 5am. Love you.