Monday, June 9, 2014

C'est La Vie - Gentle Reminders


This graphic is so important to me these days.  I need to keep a healthy perspective about life and what is important.  Who doesn't right?  Each line holds depth, but seems so simple.  To be a well rounded Daughter, Friend, Wife, Sister, Employee and Person we have to focus on all of these, and not think just working on one or two is enough.  We will never master them friends… that is the beauty of life.  The uphill working towards bettering yourself in light of Christ's forgiveness and ultimate example is a privilege.  Do not let it be discouraging, let it encourage you that you are surrounded by others on the same journey. 

These gentle reminders are some of the things that keep me going.  For example: Be Kind.  How many times in your day are you rude or do you push someone away?  How many times do you have other things that matter more than kindness?  You just want to go home and get dinner cooked so you can relax… well maybe that cashier needed a little kindness!  Try not to push past others to get to what you are looking forward to.  Exist in those moments and be sensitive to people around you and offer kindness.  Kindness that stops people in their tracks is such an amazing thing.

All of the lines on this list could have a book written about them (and probably do), but the most important thing to realize is that we have work to do and that is not a burden, but rather it is a blessing and one of the best things we can use our time for. 

I hope these words find a place in your heart.  

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