Friday, June 13, 2014

Celebrating the Future Mr. and Mrs. Dunsterville

My beautiful sister Faith is getting married, and the celebrations have begun!  The California side of the family (me and my husband and my sister and her fiance) all flew out for the Bride and Groom shower two weeks ago, and it was a gorgeous day.  The weekend went slow and flew by at the same time.  It was full of food, family, friendship, wine and laughter.  To say it was lovely would be an understatement.  All of my sibilings were able to be there, and I just savor those moments.  Just sitting and talking over coffee or walking together in the mornings, any time together is precious.

To see her and her fiance so happy was all I really wanted.  They were glowing and I could tell they sunk a little more in love as the reality of their wedding set in a little more.  Getting married is such a surreal experience, and I love watching it through news eyes now that I am married and have a different perspective.  Everything about getting married can either be stressful, or it can be magical, and I pray that they experience the magic of their wedding day with a peaceful calm.  The shower held a little magic, with a Parisian theme.  Everything just came together and sparkled a little.  

Early mornings and late nights blended together and before we knew it, we were back on planes to California.  But another shower quickly approaches us here and bachelor/bachelorette parties on both coasts and then the wedding will be upon us.  Celebrating real and incredible love is so wonderful and something that fills my heart.   Faith and Josh love each other truly and deeply and have been through so much in their years together.  God has blessed these two with each other, and I feel honored to be able to stand up next to them on the day they say "I Do."

All photos are courtesy of the lovely Christina Schuman.  

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