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Food I Ate Friday - Cooking Class

 I want to get a post up and share about this wonderful cooking class I went to at Tspoons in San Juan Capistrano awhile ago, but sometimes you just have to wait to share :)  When I think about this evening a smile comes to my face, and I can't wait to go back to this quaint little place and enjoy another evening with friends. This was a Christmas present to Bill and I from his lovely cousin Carina and Bill's other cousin, Meghan also got a cooking class for her boyfriend Bobby, unknowingly they were for the same place!  :)  I know, I know you are thinking… "Summer just started, what took you so long?"  Suffice it to say, we had some scheduling difficulty and wanted to pick just the right menu, and I personally think it was well worth the wait.  We finally made it for a Friday evening class with a "Steakhouse Date Night" theme, and it was such a fun experience.  The prep work was done for us, so we did not have to use a knife or

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things - As of Late

What am I currently obsessing over?   As of right now, I have a few things that I cannot stop talking about or tending toward :) Polka Dots My collection is growing, and I love the subtle way that they are a throwback.  I now have a polka dot dress, shoes, and a tank top and I am sure more will enter my world soon.   I don't want to be the zany friend who always wears poka dots, but I am really embracing their fun nature and expanding my wardrobe slowly to include them. My Organic Vegetable Box Delivery Bill and I have been getting an organic vegetable box from a local farm once a month that we started through Groupon.  It is like Christmas when that thing shows up on the front porch on the first Thursday of every month.  We dig through it and make a plan and I always feel awesome the week we are eating the colorful assortments of goodness.  I know clean eating is being hyped right now and feel really trendy, but I do feel the difference when I eat that

Celebrating the Future Mr. and Mrs. Dunsterville

My beautiful sister Faith is getting married, and the celebrations have begun!  The California side of the family (me and my husband and my sister and her fiance) all flew out for the Bride and Groom shower two weeks ago, and it was a gorgeous day.  The weekend went slow and flew by at the same time.  It was full of food, family, friendship, wine and laughter.  To say it was lovely would be an understatement.  All of my sibilings were able to be there, and I just savor those moments.  Just sitting and talking over coffee or walking together in the mornings, any time together is precious. To see her and her fiance so happy was all I really wanted.  They were glowing and I could tell they sunk a little more in love as the reality of their wedding set in a little more.  Getting married is such a surreal experience, and I love watching it through news eyes now that I am married and have a different perspective.  Everything about getting married can either be s

C'est La Vie - Gentle Reminders

This graphic is so important to me these days.  I need to keep a healthy perspective about life and what is important.  Who doesn't right?  Each line holds depth, but seems so simple.  To be a well rounded Daughter, Friend, Wife, Sister, Employee and Person we have to focus on all of these, and not think just working on one or two is enough.  We will never master them friends… that is the beauty of life.  The uphill working towards bettering yourself in light of Christ's forgiveness and ultimate example is a privilege.  Do not let it be discouraging, let it encourage you that you are surrounded by others on the same journey.  These gentle reminders are some of the things that keep me going.  For example: Be Kind.  How many times in your day are you rude or do you push someone away?  How many times do you have other things that matter more than kindness?  You just want to go home and get dinner cooked so you can relax… well maybe that cashier needed a little kindness!  T