Monday, April 14, 2014

Dress Shopping For My Little Sister

This was such a lovely afternoon. 

My parents were in town about 6 weeks ago (I know I am way behind on this post) for a visit, and to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary (another post coming soon!), and while they were here we took a trip up to Los Angeles to go to this sweet little bridal boutique for my beautiful, engaged sister to try on some wedding dresses.  While the entire experience was a bit surreal, it was beyond lovely to see her so excited. 

The shop itself was adorable, and just what you picture when you go dress shopping.  The dresses were absolutely incredible - All designer, hand stiched masterpieces.  I do not normally talk about clothes like that, but they genuinely were so amazing!  But the most lovely part of the day was seeing my sister glow.  She really just looked incredible and thinking of her walking down the aisle makes me well up with tears.   Dress after dress looked amazing, but when the curtain was pulled back for the final dress, we all knew it was the one. 

She did end up buying that dress that day, and it is absolutely breath taking, however that is not what is going to make her a beautiful bride, it will only add to the beauty she already posesses.  What makes her beautiful is her sweet spirit, her love for others and her love for the Lord.  Josh is such a lucky man to be getting her, and my family is only going to get better when we add Josh to the mix permanently.  

Wedding plans are definitely underway, and this will be one for the record books!  I am looking forward to celebrating their union and to toasting to their future success.  

I just can't believe my baby sister is getting married!  
Life is such a wonderful adventure isn't it?!

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