Monday, April 21, 2014

A Season of Reading - The Art of Racing in the Rain

I haven't done a book review in awhile, because I have read a few duds recently.  I invest time into them and half way through I don't care what happens in the end, and life is too short to force yourself to read something that isn't pulling you back for more. 

This book was worth the time I gave it :)  

It was an easy read, and all from Enzo, the dog's, perspective.  While I definitely have puppy fever, that is not the only thing that attracted me to this story line.  It was just unique.  Enzo is observing things the people are missing or can't sense, and then he cannot communicate what he knows.  You  really get a sense of the frustration a dog must experience when they are trying to tell you something.

It is really the story of a man and his dog and navigating through what life throws at you.  His dog is a constant source of love and it is really sweet to hear the ways the dog tries to comfort him and the people around him when they need it.  I can't really give you much of the story line without ruining the book, but just know I would recommend it if you have a free Saturday and time to sink into it.

A friend recently told me she was going to put together a summer reading list and it got me thinking I would love to do the same!  Any suggestions on good books you have read recently?  Let me know.  Once I get 6-10 I will post the final list on here with promises of reviews on some of them!

Keep reading my friends :)  

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