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List Love - Swoon Worthy Pictures

You knows those photos that just make you sigh?  It is not just that you wish you were there, but you just can't believe such beautiful places exist sometimes.  Well, my goal was to compile a collection of images to make you feel that way.  I like these kind of pictures because they make me appreciate beauty and dream of what's out there.  I have been lucky enough to see beautiful parts of the world, and these images remind me to keep exploring. Keep Exploring Beautiful Friends.

Food I Ate Friday Meets List Love

Today I am combining a List Love post and a Food I Ate Friday Post for a little  much deserved breakfast love! 1. Bill and I made waffles and blackberry sauce for our birthday morning (which was Wednesday) and man oh man was it amazing and delicious.  There is something about cooking from scratch that makes me feel extra domestic, and I loved feeding him something that made him happy on our birthday :)  2. French press coffee has become a staple in the Roger's house.  Every morning I make it.  It sustains me.  Bill thinks I make it for him… I actually make it for me.  We have hazelnut coffee stocked in a 5 lb. bag that Amazon graciously delivers to our door step once a month.  I can't thank them enough. 3. Rosemary Sourdough Toast.  It has been my joy every morning this week.  I spread avocado on it like butter, sprinkle a pinch of salt and red chili flakes and drizzle olive oil over it.  Honestly, the amount of love I have for it is a little silly.  Its just a