Monday, February 10, 2014

C'est La Vie - Lavender Love

I've been missing my "C'est La Vie" posts lately!  

By way of reminder, awhile back I wrote my goal for this series of posts: I want to make this section of my blog relaxing images. When I hear this phrase, I feel tension release. I imagine a hundred different scenes that all transport me into a place that would make me rest easy. Isn't it amazing that we each have different places and things that speak to our hearts?

Lately, I have had lavender on the brain.  I want to bake with it, I want my clothes to smell like it, I want to soak in a tub with a lavender essence and I have been using lavender lotion like it is going out of style.

When I look at these images, I can almost smell the fresh scent :)

lavender soap & oil~

Harvesting lavender...can you imagine the fragrance in the air?  Planting a few of these this year for sure!

Tie dried lavender around candle holder. Not only is it pretty, but the candle warms the lavender and releases a wonderful lavender scent!

Love this! Would love to plant this up my driveway

Lavender soap

✯ Harvest Time - Provence, France

I can only hope they relax you as much as they relax me.

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