Thursday, February 27, 2014

4 Years Together and a Lifetime Ahead

I haven't gushed about Bill in awhile, so pardon me while I dote on him :)  This man… God sent him straight to me.  This past Valentine's day marked 4 years as a couple, and I genuinely feel like I can't imagine life without him.  He really loves me the way I need to be loved and shows me every day that he will always be by my side.  

He has healed a lot of wounds of rejection from my past, but not just because he married me, but also because he continues to pursue and surprise me in the little ways that show that he truly understands me deeply.  I do not need or appreciate big, fancy or expensive gestures, jewelry and gifts are not my thing.  I feel loved when he spends time thinking of me in small personal ways.  

A homemade meal, flowers for no reason, cards and just taking time to genuinely sit, turn off the tv and want to hear about my day - those are things that speak to me heart.  When I go to a girl's night and he cleans the bathroom while I am out, so that I do not have to do it when I get back.    When he pours me a little more wine on a Friday night because he noticed my glass was empty.  When he orders Hazelnut coffee in bulk on Amazon because it is my favorite.  When he brings me a thin mint out of the freezer while I am reading a book in bed.  When he stops a movie in the middle on a weeknight because I fell asleep on the couch and he gently wakes me up and tell me its bedtime.  These things… they just show so much love. 

As I was warned, it is easy to fall into a marriage rhythm, but I like ours.  I REALLY like ours.  I like doing things for Bill and making him dinner and making him coffee in the morning and getting up 2 hours early to be around him for 10 extra minutes.  I like that when he comes home he needs to get into comfortable clothes before I can initiate deep conversation.  I like getting the mail with him, and treating it as something we do together rather than just another chore (we also treat grocery shopping this way).  The point is, I could get frustrated with the mundane, normal tasks, but as long as I am with Bill, I really do not mind.

He makes my life better.  
He is my sweetheart and my best friend.  
I will always be his.


  1. I totally do the thing where I get up at 6:30 just to sit with James while he eats breakfast. He goes to work and most of the time I crawl back in bed but it's worth it. :D :D Love you, and you guys together!

  2. These are good reminders of the little things men do to pursue us women!! Love it!