Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy

This is my dad.

Today is his 56th birthday.

He is my biggest fan, the first man I ever loved and the best example of selflessness I have ever known.  He lives his life to make those around him more comfortable, and he is such an incredible husband, father and grandpa.  Growing up makes you see your parents differently, and while some may find their parents not everything they thought they were, I certainly have had the opposite experience.  He is everything I need him to be and is ALWAYS there for me when I need him.  Walking down the aisle with him was an honor because I am SO proud to be his little girl.  

My dad is a man who enjoys the little things.  A cup of blueberry coffee, a walk on a brisk morning and a cabin in the woods are things that make him smile.  He loves the trees changing in the fall and can't wait until the next time he gets to be in Maine.  Sam Adams, tubs of tri-flavored popcorn and Halls cough drops always make me think of him.  Isn't it funny what will make you think of a person!?

He is an unbelievable writer and can bring me to tears with a simple email.  He loves me beyond words and often times that love overwhelms me and helps motivate me to be better and do more.  I work hard and love hard and he taught me how to be that way.  I hate being away from him on days like today when I just want to sit and have a glass of wine with him and celebrate another year of life that we have been blessed with.  I spoke with him on the phone this morning and my heart ached to be in Maryland.

Daddy, I love you so much.  What an amazing year this has been, and look how much more we have to look forward to!  Thank you for always giving your entire heart to each of us and for working so hard to provide for your ever growing family.  I hope today you feel showered and appreciated and are able to have quality time with those you love.  I can't wait until you are here in February and we can celebrate together and share in the simple pleasures of life.  I look forward to many adventures traveling together and enjoying the joy our relationship brings to both our hearts.

Happy Birthday Daddy :)

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