Friday, November 22, 2013

Away For the Weekend - Vegas Here I Come!

I am heading to Vegas this weekend, and as is always the case when I say those words, I am really excited. 

I just love it.  Maybe it is because I am very responsible, I have a structured job, I make a meal plan every week, and I go to church every Sunday.  I am organized and clean and do laundry and don't make spontaneous purchases.  I am very methodical about my life.  I do not buy junk food, never stay up past 10 pm, wake up at 6 am everyday and (attempt to) always put others first. 

And then I go to Vegas…  I sleep in, eat big breakfasts, play games, drink oversized drinks, stay up til 2 am, eat fast food and snacks, do not have a plan, and do what I want.  I think because it is always in short spurts, I really enjoy just existing there for awhile.  Other places I go for vacation, I feel like I need to be productive and see it all and have a plan of attack, but not when I am there.  People say Vegas is dirty and raunchy, but I think that Vegas is what you make of it.  The casinos are really beautiful and the food can be incredible.  The place is famous for a reason and I can't wait to be there and start relaxing and eating and just being with Bill and a couple friends.  I'm also gonna check out my first Motocross race!

Enjoy your weekend friends, and send any luck you don't need my way :)

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