Wednesday, October 30, 2013

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things - My Husband, Weekend Trips and Great Food

To say our first anniversary was wonderful would be such an understatement.  We took the train down to San Diego and stayed in Little Italy and had the most incredible weekend filled with amazing food, lots of walking, and heartfelt conversation.  It is so amazing to watch a year go by and see how far you have come.  While we were in San Diego, I realized how much more I love Bill than I ever have before and how amazing it is that love can grow.

He was so thoughtful and brought coffee mugs to make our room feel homey, made sure I treated myself to what I really wanted and brought a smile to my face every moment that he could.  I made the little banner pictured above for our room (1st year anniversary is paper) and gave him a few little gifts, but our focus was taking time out to  just be together.  Sometimes it is more important to be present than to buy presents :)

The morning after we got back, I had flowers delivered at my work with a sweet note and have been receiving more of a puzzle he had made of us since, with sweet notes written on the back of every piece.  Knowing my husband loves me an outrageous amount is really all I need.  If this was supposed to be the hardest year of marriage, I definitely chose the right man.  Although, sometimes I think he chose me...  I guess it works best when you choose each other! 

I am more than blessed in my marriage, but I think it is important to make sure you know that no relationship is perfect.  We absolutely fight and are selfish at times, but it is trips like this that not only remind me why we chose each other, but why it is worth it to tough it out during the hard times.  

Marriage is a constant decision to let go of what you want and consider someone else first, and I feel I am really learning more and more that I am selfish no matter how defensive I am.  God grants me grace through Bill everyday, because even when I am at my worst, Bill forgives me and loves me despite the circumstances and that genuinely is something no one deserves, but he loves me like the Lord loves me and sees my heart first.

Here's to many more baby!  
Cheers to our future filled with weekend adventures!

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