Monday, October 28, 2013

Eli John - My Best Friend's Answer to Prayers

My best friend is having a baby boy.   She put a lot of pressure on me, letting me know this post would go in the baby book and most likely be something she treasured always, so I feel like I want to do even better than I generally desire in presenting my words eloquently.  So here goes nothing :)

Heather Simone and I are not best friend's for superficial reasons, our relationship runs deep.  It is more than just a girlfriend I chat with or shop with, this girl can literally predict the words that are about to come out of my mouth.  She is more like a sister than a friend.  We have not always been this way, but God absolutely had these plans when he brought us into each other's lives.  He dropped us in front of each other when we were both searching for real and true friendship, and what he led us into is such an amazing testimony to what the Lord can do when two people decide to become the people they know they are meant to be.

She inspires me.  She really pays attention to the details.  Not only does she see the good in people, but she screams it from the rooftops.  She has an incredible gift of honesty without being harsh.  All of this, and you still do not know my favorite quality about her, she loves without abandon and unconditionally, and I cannot fall outside of that love; and that is how Christ taught us to live. She is going to be such an incredible mom, because no matter what Eli brings to her, she will meet it with open arms, without judgement, and give him the grace that the Lord extends the church over and over again.  I literally well up with tears thinking about how overwhelmingly that kid if gonna be loved by her.  She never gives up.  I have never known anyone who honestly knows everything about me, and never faltered her heart towards me.  She is such an incredible friend.  I am blessed beyond measure to hear her thoughts constantly poured out to me, and I cannot imagine life without her, even though she lives 3000 miles away from me!  

She has found a perfect match in Rob.  I think that God does not call everyone to be a pastor or the wife of a pastor, but man oh man he has called these two into ministry for at least this season of their life.  Rob is more than just a good husband, he is an incredible leader.  Although some may seem him as a man of few words, I think the words he chooses to share are always rich and rewarding to those around him.  Now don't get m wrong, we all put our foot in our mouth at times, but I watch his carefulness with words he chooses and I realize that my best friend married a man who is going to be an amazing dad. Like… amazing…  The time I have with him is few and far between, but I always treasure hearing more about who he is and how his story shaped him, because it unfolds a little more of their life to me.  He is so respectful towards me and Heather's friendship and always gives us time to just be together with no agenda, and often times his care for her overwhelms me.  I can see how much he cares for her just in the way he looks at her, and it makes me smile.  He really understands my best friend better than anyone, and I always leave her reassured she still has a best friend by her side at all times.

Now my words for you sweet Eli.  You were chosen to be who you are and where you are and God knows what he is doing.  He is giving you incredible parents, and you are being born into a warm and loving home.  Those parents are surrounded by a sea of supporters and you will have aunts and uncles and grandparents and friends who love you as soon as you make your appearance.  You are being given back to God, and your name is a constant reminder of that.  Make sure to remind yourself daily that you are loved, because there are lots of people out there searching for love.  God gave it to you so early in life.  Make sure to remind yourself daily you are wanted, because there are lots of people out there searching for their place in this world.  Your place is with your dear family.  Make sure to remind yourself daily that if you ever need anything, you can ALWAYS come see your Aunt Ryan and Uncle Bill, because we will be here no matter what.  I genuinely love you already little man, and I have not even met you yet.  Thank you for bringing so much joy into your mommy and daddy's lives.  I will always be asking the Lord to take care of you and you will always be close to my heart.  I pray you find a friend for you like your mommy has been to me, and that you treasure that relationship like we do.

Love you Simones!  

Can't wait to meet your little one :)

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  1. I know you posted this months ago, but I finally made a blog and can comment! Love this, and love you. So glad you're the Godmother to my sweet boy.