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Beautiful Ryleigh Ashlynn

This is Ryleigh. My twin brother Christian and his wife Cristina had this little nugget back in April, and man oh man does she bring joy to my heart!  I already miss Christian and Cristina, and now with the addition of this doll, I cannot imagine missing them anymore than I do.  Their family is so lovely, and while I know Ryleigh comes with the struggles of every baby, I also know they are falling really hard for this girl. It sounds a little over the top, but something about my niece is magical.  She is everything an aunt could hope for.  Beautiful with personality and just the sweetest demeanor. The other day, my siblings and I had a group text about how the bar is set really high with her for the rest of us (as she is the first grandchild in my family) and it's true.  She is beautiful and I wish she was here for me to constantly hug and love and rock to sleep.   Sometimes, distance is harder than we can imagine.  Having siblings far away is hard enough, but

A Penny For Your Thoughts - Beauty

Sometimes I feel insecure, but I know in comparison to most women I am swimming in confidence.  My bestie and I grabbed coffee before work this morning and we were discussing women and the fact that we feel so self conscious for no reason and how we wish those around us could see how beautiful they really are.  Gosh, I sound like a motivational speaker right now, but I just want no one to feel the pain and frustration that are associated with a bad self image.  I am not sure why this is so deep in my heart today, but I just know I want to encourage anyone struggling that, I can honestly say, to me, you are beautiful :) Keep your chins up ladies!