Friday, July 5, 2013

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things - Mint Green Toes, Green Tea and Patterned Goodness

This little collage makes me so happy.

I have been drinking lots of green tea lately, and I am hoping to pick up more at the farmer's market this weekend.  Sometimes, I just want a cup of green tea, and I am genuinely embracing it and loving it.  Just a squeeze of honey and I'm a happy girl :)

I rarely get my nails done, but when summer hits and I am showing my feet constantly, I generally think a pedicure is in order - just a little clean up ya know?  Is it something I can live without?  Absolutely.  However, I snuck away to enjoy this mint green polish, read silly/trashy magazines, and let the massage chair work on my back.  It was glorious.

This cute little bag is something I have wanted for awhile, but have always felt a twinge of guilt about purchasing.  It is a bag to hold my nail polish, and isn't this pattern wonderful?!  Up until now, my nail polish collection has been in a gallon size ziplock bag, but I have made the upgrade and I have to admit, I am glad I took the plunge.  I just do not love spending money on items I don't need, but this vain purchase makes me so happy and makes me want to do my nails more often :)

What are you simple pleasures this week?  What makes you smile?

Have a lovely weekend friends!  

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