Monday, July 15, 2013

The Truth Comes Out - My Struggle With Simplicity

I spent an afternoon last weekend sipping lime sparkling water and painting this canvas.  

I absolutely love to paint.  It is both therapy and relaxation for my soul.  I can get lost doing it for hours and I love simply enjoying the process and letting time go by slowly.  It's something that I prefer to be alone for and I dream of a huge easel in my future home on my wrap around porch where I can spend Saturday mornings.

The message of this painting was something I needed to be reminded of, so I took the time to paint it and put it up in my home to remind myself of remaining simple in my life approach.  Living in Orange County can make you feel like you will never have enough.  I strive after a simple home, a dog to greet me, and a wonderful table to share meals with friends and family.   However, living here makes me feel like if I am not wearing new clothes and going out to eat all the time, I am not living life to the fullest.

To be honest, I get sucked in sometimes.  I step into a boutique and feel the need to buy everything.  I want to eat at fancy restaurants every day and I want to indulge in fine wine and sparkly things catch my eye.  I want to travel the world and eat and drink my way across every country.  I am not a diva or even a materialistic person, but I often wonder why it is so hard to keep your focus on what matters!  

Loving well and living intentionally are how I want to be known.  Generous, kind, loving, Godly and sincere are words I hope float around when people mention me in casual conversation.  Isn't it amazing how quickly we can drop what we know is right and pick up what we are feeling in the moment?  We throw all our work away at being more like Christ because someone frustrates us or rubs us the wrong way.

Constantly remind yourself who you are and who you were created to be.  Do not give into temptation to live self indulgently or to excuse your behavior.  

Live Simply.  That will be my motto in this season of my life.

What words do you want to be associated with you?  
What words will you live by?

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