Monday, July 8, 2013

A New Treat - Limoncello

I am a sucker for citrus.  I love lemon and lime, so it is no surprise I have always wanted to try Limoncello! However, whenever I went to buy something new at the liquor store, it never made the cut.  Well, thank goodness I have a fantastic husband who has heard me mention it quite a few times and suggested it right off the shelf and into my hand.

While it is sweeter than I imagined, it is absolutely lovely on a hot summer day when you want something to sip on.  It is like alcoholic lemonade, minus all the tartness that it usually offers.  

I'm in love.  It's (exactly) like lemon pudding in a glass.  I definitely treat it as a dessert, and look  forward to finding my favorite producer and stocking up.  

I love new discoveries :)  

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