Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Lovely Picnic Engagement Party

I am not sure if I have previously introduced Courtney and Adam to you, but if not, it's definitely time!  

Bill and I love them dearly, and are honored to be a part of their wedding in the spring.  Myself and a few wonderful ladies organized an engagement party get together for these two in a park by our house to get their friends together to celebrate the upcoming nuptuals.  It was  a simple BBQ and Potluck.  We played lawn games, kids ran around, ate yummy picnic food and just enjoyed each others company.

To me, weddings are such an incredible time of celebration.  The older I get the more I love them and each part of the process leading towards them.  Bill and I are in my brother's wedding coming up in September, and every moment it gets closer I get more excited.  Maybe experiencing my own wedding awakened something in me.  I am so happy to celebrate marriage and see people find the one that their soul loves.

Sigh.  Court and Adam, we are so glad you found each other!

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