Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Most Recent Obsession - Light Cooking

While I will admit that I love indulgence in food and in the past have not made the healthiest decisions, I have found a new friend in Cooking Light Magazine.  It has a lot of my favorite recipes, but done in a healthy way. that is completely attainable and reasonable. 

I am learning that healthy living is not entirely about sacrifice of everything, rather it is about living smarter.  You really do not lose flavor a lot of the time at the cost of calories.  I am excited to try more recipes I find in this magazine and share them as I go.  My journey is beginning with light exercise and healthy transitions, and I am extremely excited to learn more and more about all the measures I can take to treat my body better.  

I do not need to be in the most incredible shape and I do not need to be the thinnest person you know, but I absolutely need to treat myself with care and respect.  

Here's to lots of veggies and long walks this summer :)  

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