Wednesday, May 29, 2013

List Love - Updates and Understanding

I have started and stopped typing this blog about 3 times.  I am just not sure what I want to say.  Here is what I have decided... I have a few updates for you and I will tackle them one at a time.  I really like lists, so this approach is making me SO happy!  I think I will make it a theme for the future... because I can do whatever I want on here :)

1.  I have been studying really hard for my Real Estate Licensing exam for the last 6 weeks and have taken a step back from the world.  Honestly, its been great for me to work towards something and learn how much I doubt my own mind.  I have learned that I need to make strides towards faith in my own abilities.  

2. I passed!  I took the exam and I passed!  Gosh, the weight that is off my shoulders is absolutely incredible.  Even though everyone in my life believed I would pass on the first try, I had my doubts.  Why do we doubt what others can clearly see?  I have felt the burden on my heart to start attempting to see myself as others see me, and it is beginning to set me free to seeing the world differently.  

3. I had the most incredible trip home.  I had quality time with my parents, each of my siblings and both my brother's wonderful significant others as well as my brand new niece (although I didn't change a diaper).  This trip was relaxing and I felt the reason for that was that it was the first time we all treated each other as adults and respected who we have become.  It is so easy to revert back and make assumptions about how the others will react, but it is another thing to let people be who they currently are.  I learned so much from each of these people on this trip and it made my heart soar.  Oh, and I love Ryleigh (my new niece) with my whole heart.  I will most likely follow up with some blog posts to highlight a few specific events from my trip home, but just know it filled up a piece of me that was aching in only a way my family can.

4. I could not have wished for a better man for a husband.  He is so incredible and sent straight from God to me.  Seriously, the people who make backhanded jokes about how awful marriage is, have never done it right, because I love being married.  He makes me feel more loved than I can even comprehend.  Sigh, marriage is designed to be a team and by gosh my teammate is SO incredible.

5. I miss some dear friends a lot.  We know people all across this country, and we recently had a visit from some dear friends from Chicago - it just never feels long enough.  To all our friends spread across this beautiful country, we miss you greatly and wish we could move to where each of you live.  

For now... this is my update.  

The beauty of this blog is I can continue to update you as life happens.  I have lots of exciting things coming up, and I am looking forward to sharing them with you all.  Writing is a passion I am planning to embrace again.  

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