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C'est La Vie - Life is Beautiful

I think Life is Beautiful. Even the messy parts. We need to learn to embrace the mess and just jump right in.   See the beauty in the simple things around us. To literally stop and smell the sunflowers, ya know?  Like dive head first into a sunflower... and take the deepest of breaths.   I want to challenge each person who reads my words to do something you want to do today - be spontaneous, whether it is smell a flower, start your own blog, or run through a field and scream at the top of your lungs. Stop being afraid of vulnerability. Find your own freedom.  Go the long way home. Take your time.  We all have different things that make us feel free, but DO NOT let fear or (especially) insecurity hold you back.   I am not sure where this passion is coming from, but it's here and I love it, so I am going with it.  I am planning on reading a book about Tuscany this week and painting in the park by my house.  Are you kidding me!?!  What an

List Love - Updates and Understanding

I have started and stopped typing this blog about 3 times.  I am just not sure what I want to say.  Here is what I have decided... I have a few updates for you and I will tackle them one at a time.  I really like lists, so this approach is making me SO happy!  I think I will make it a theme for the future... because I can do whatever I want on here :) 1.  I have been studying really hard for my Real Estate Licensing exam for the last 6 weeks and have taken a step back from the world.  Honestly, its been great for me to work towards something and learn how much I doubt my own mind.  I have learned that I need to make strides towards faith in my own abilities.   2. I passed!  I took the exam and I passed!  Gosh, the weight that is off my shoulders is absolutely incredible.  Even though everyone in my life believed I would pass on the first try, I had my doubts.  Why do we doubt what others can clearly see?  I have felt the burden on my heart to start attempting to see myself as

A Penny For Your Thoughts - Rain and Musings

As the rain falls outside my loft apartment in the heart of a town I have come to love, I cannot help but be giddy with excitement.  This life is what I wanted and prayed for. I have been reading a lot about issues being caused by people facebooking, instagraming, and blogging abut their perfect lives, when their reality is not perfect.  However, I am here to tell you I am taking a grip on my reality and I have found some perfect elements.  Sure, I miss my family that lives 3000 miles away and I wish I had the finances to travel to Italy at a moment's notice, but I think I can count my blessings and not be depressing about the things in my life that I wish I could change.   I don't need to make you a list of all the great things in my life, because we all have our own lists.  I just want to encourage you to focus on the beautiful world.  Sure, we each have crappy days and think... she is annoying... but if we are honest with ourselves and each other we all have guilty