Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Penny For Your Thoughts - Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

Every time a new year starts, I get struck with so much inspiration.  I have always wondered why I cannot have this kind of enthusiasm when I think of something in the fall, but I accept it and move on.  This year, like many others, I have pledged to eat better, but I have also pledged to run a 10k.  While the first can be arguable, I can either do the second or I can't.  So when May comes around and its time to jog it up, I better be ready for what's to come! Long term goals seem to create the right environment for me to challenge myself.  Do you feel the same way?

This has all gotten me thinking a lot about promises.  New years resolutions are promises we make to ourselves, but how much more important is a promise we make to each other?  I have found that I am much more likely to follow through on something if I promised someone I would be there.  This makes me think I should probably make more promises as it will get me motivated to do more things and actually follow through on them.  However, it also makes me realize how careful I need to be with throwing around my word.  It is an important thing to respect and take seriously.

In just three short weeks, I am going to start a mentoring program, but for the first time, I will be the mentor. My Alma Mater, Vanguard University, is starting a program where students can sign up for a mentor and alumni and staff can sign up to foster a relationship with the youth we are paired with.  I immediately jumped at the opportunity to get involved, and am really excited, but all this promise talk made me realize how powerful words are.  When I tell the person who I am paired with they can always call me, I better be available to them.  When I tell this young impressionable girl I will drop anything to come and help them, I better be willing to do so.  Promises can make or break a relationship.  If you let someone down more than once, you better believe they will start to count that against you or at the minimum note it as a part of your character.

Ok Ryan, what are you trying say?  In short, take your words seriously.  Don't make promises you do not intend to keep.  Always process what is coming out of your mouth before it comes out and attempt to filter everything until it is entirely truth.  Use promises to motivate yourself to do things, I honestly believe it works!

January is bringing lots of change to the Rogers family this year :)  
Tell me your New Years Goals!

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