Thursday, November 8, 2012

These Are A Few of my Favorite Things - Fall Clothes Love

I know I am not the most fashionable person that ever existed, and I do not claim to be.  However, I will tell you everyday how much I love Fall and something I love about Fall are the clothes... sweaters and coziness go hand in hand for me and I loved putting these outfits together for you :)  

Color is important.  Looking down at these mint or mustard flats would bring so much joy to me... i wish they were mine!  Maybe it is working in corporate America that has made me appreciate a fun weekend outfit, or maybe it was deep in there all along.  Either way, I hope you enjoy these two outfits as much as I enjoyed creating them! friends... explore it!  I know I will continue to do so :)  

Happy Thursday Friends!

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