Thursday, November 8, 2012

These Are A Few of my Favorite Things - Fall Clothes Love

I know I am not the most fashionable person that ever existed, and I do not claim to be.  However, I will tell you everyday how much I love Fall and something I love about Fall are the clothes... sweaters and coziness go hand in hand for me and I loved putting these outfits together for you :)  

Color is important.  Looking down at these mint or mustard flats would bring so much joy to me... i wish they were mine!  Maybe it is working in corporate America that has made me appreciate a fun weekend outfit, or maybe it was deep in there all along.  Either way, I hope you enjoy these two outfits as much as I enjoyed creating them! friends... explore it!  I know I will continue to do so :)  

Happy Thursday Friends!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pumpkin Picking and Family Fun

A few weeks ago Bill mentioned wanting to go to a Pumpkin patch with me, and I thought it sounded like such a "Ryan idea," and told him I would love that.  Well, as usual, I struggled to remember he wanted to do something since I did not write it on our calendar, so he brought it up again.  I expressed enthusiasm and asked when he wanted to go, and we couldn't pick a time, so it slipped my mind one more time.  The third time around, he was frustrated and said he could tell that I didn't want to go... To his surprise I said I was completely excited and wanted to go SO badly.  It's so funny how different people read a situation!  I had been excited since the first mention.  We put it on the calendar and asked my sister Faith and her boyfriend Josh to join us!

The only reason I mention this is to let you all know that sometimes I cannot remember anything.  In fact, I just completely forget things all the time.  I never want anyone to take that personally.  I just have the worst memory.  Like... I leave cabinets open and burners on... poor Bill has to follow me around often and make sure I don't do anything destructive!  I have to learn to laugh about this characteristic of myself, or else it will make me sad.  It is not for lack of care that I forget...

Now, onto my pumpkin patch recap!  
The four of us headed to the patch, pick your own vegetable field, and corn field maze as a small bundle of excitement.  We carpooled over, which I think always helps a groups moral, and we walked the fields of pumpkins.  Honestly, it was pretty slim pickins when we arrived.  However, we found some humor in it and picked some sad looking pumpkins to be prominent in our photo ops :)  We had a great time wandering through a joke of a corn field maze and learning how the "pick your own vegetable patch" worked.

At the end of this outing I realized how comfortable I am with these lovely people.  Faith and Josh are younger than Bill and I, but we really enjoy their company and it is just natural now since we have been able to spend so much time together.  

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Life As I Know It - My Day to Day After Marriage

First of all, I am happy to report that I love living life around Bill.  He is just such an easy person to be around and he really sets me at ease. He loves to read and always is comfortable and cooks fun food with me and always makes me laugh.  I know, I know... I am SUCH a newlywed, but I am OK with it.  I just love him with every part of me.

Life as I know it has changed.  I no longer live with a girlfriend who I chat with and she braids my hair... Now I live with a boy who is always smiling.  Honestly, I tried to go into this whole marriage thing with no expectations, but I guess I had a few.  You listen to people your whole life tell you what marriage will be like, and you can't help but take some of what they say to heart.  However, what I have learned is that my marriage is different from everyone else's.  No matter what someone else would do, I need to learn to approach things best for me and Bill.

Bill needs patience and understanding and love and respect - some men need other things.  We can always give each other advice on how to best handle a situation, but the only thing we should operate off of is peace with the all knowing God who knows the heart of our significant other.

Everyday I come home to happy man.  We just love to be around each other.  Whether we are cooking or cleaning or reading or watching a movie, I am just happy to be next to him through it all.  I guess this is the part that has surprised me the most.  I am not sad the wedding is over.  So many people told me I would have this "depression" after we got back from the honeymoon, and sure I wish we were still in Thailand and off work and living outside of reality.  But, its nice to know that even in my real life, Bill is the most wonderful thing for me.

I will sleep happy tonight with Bill next to me.  He just completes my heart.  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Week of Pure Bliss - Our Thai Adventure


I still can't believe we got to experience the wonderful adventure that was this place.

We left the day after the wedding for Phuket and after over 24 hours in airports and on airplanes we landed in our new favorite place.  Our resort was absolutely incredible - Expansive with pool after pool and bar after bar.  Nestled right on the beach, with so many amenities we could barely keep track of them.  We had a wonderful welcome when our barefoot bellhop brought our bags into our room with a bottle of wine waiting on the counter.  Chocolates sat close by and a bathtub full of flower petals.  Towels folded into the shape of swans sat on the bed and we loved it all.

We fell fast asleep in our fluffy king sized bed and every day blended into the next after that.  LOTS of amazing food, baby elephants that hung out by the pool, Thai massages, beer and wine, walks and talks, late nights and lots of sleeping in, cooking classes, bus rides, an elephant trek through the jungle, a boat cruise at sunset, and the most incredible husband.  It was a dream of a honeymoon, and it was only the beginning.  I fell more in love every minute of every day, and it just felt like we were the only two people in the world for a week straight.

I will write more about the elephants and cooking class at a later date, and you can look forward to many wonderful pictures.  In the meantime, know they were the highlights of the trip for me in many ways!

From Phuket we headed to Bangkok for a complete change of pace.  Bangkok was fast and upbeat with tons going on and constant motion around us.  It is a wake up early and stay up late city.  We walked everywhere.   We hit tons of markets, had an overwhelming amount of street food, took a ferry taxi, checked out the Grand Palace, shopped, dressed up for a fancy dinner, and stayed in a swanky hotel. 

When we got on the plane to come home my heart was too happy to be sad.  My time with Bill in Thailand was honestly the best week I have ever had.  I can't wait to travel again with him, but I don't think anything will ever compare to this trip.  I have never felt more beautiful or more relaxed.