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The Day I Became Mrs. Rogers

My Wedding Day.

I could not have imagined a more perfect and beautiful day. 
I have never felt more incredible. 

A sea of lovely friend and family filtered in and out of the room where I was getting ready and everyone looked incredible.  So many smiles, so much fawning, and through it all I could not wait to see my Bill.  I just needed those big eyes and sweet smile to bring my heart to ease.  I was not nervous, just ready.  I was not anxious, but I absolutely was antsy.  I just wanted to be with my love.

As I walked down the aisle and saw his face, I could not believe our moment had come.  I felt like God had brought me into that moment to understand his relationship with the church.  We are the bride of Christ.  The way I felt that day is how the church should feel when they are presented to Christ.  If I am fully honest, the parallel was almost too much for that moment.  It was overwhelming enough as it was!  As I looked into Bill's gentle face nothing else was on my mind but the love that we shared.  Every word he said stuck in my heart, and will remain there forever.  As I recited my vows I began to cry, out of compelte love and adoration for the man that stood before me, the man that moments later became my husband.

As we exited the field and walked into our new life as one, my heart melted.  Our kiss had been fabulous and our love is so incredible.  I was grinning from ear to ear and could not help but look at my future in Bill's eyes.  My love for him was overflowing, and as portraits happened and people filtered by my side I could only focus on how happy I was to have made the promise for forever.  I can't believe I get to keep Bill!  It still feels too good to be true.

When the pictures ended and we went into the house for a break, my hair went up, my dress got bustled, and we got ready to enter the reception.  Everytime I looked at Bill, I swooned.  His ring glistened in the light that hung over head and I could not stop smiling.  We walked out onto the back deck and into the tent in the backyard, and as we made our way to our seats, I made eye contact with so many dear people to me.  My father got up to speak and brought the room to tears.  The food was served and the brick oven pizza and homemade pastas were incredible.  The wine was flowing and everywhere I looked I saw joy spreading.  And now it was time for bartending.

Bill and I decided to forego the money dance and do something we called "Tip Your Bartenders" to raise money for the honeymoon.  We had a few large format bottles of wine at the wedding and we held those and had people pose for pictures with them and had the groosmen pouring wine for everyone as they were in line.  It was a huge success and we got really wonderful pictures with lots of people at the wedding.

Dancing began and people were having an absolute blast.  I did not see anyone who was not enjoying themselves.  The dancing turned into the main event and the patio was full of fun.  Songs were playing loudly and everyone was jumping and laughing and bumping to the music.  I enjoyed every moment and even got Bill out on the dance floor with me.  He was really amazing the entire time!  Speeches and toasts began and everyone said wonderful things about us.  We were really humbled by the love we received.

We headed out into the field where the ceremony took place to do something I had been envisioning for awhile.  I loved the idea of a candlelighting ceremony, but I felt as though it lacked in one specific area - It does not include everyone else at the wedding!  My vision came to fruition when everyone lit candles together and encircled Bill and I with our parents in the center as we were prayed over and I shared some thoughts straight from my heart.  It was an incredibly special moment for Bill and I, as we really considered everyone there family, and I was able to share that with them.

We headed back to the reception site and partied a little longer.  Cake cutting and friendship continued.  The dancing wrapped up with a song from the Wedding Singer "Grow Old With You" and as I looked around and at Bill I realized it was the perfect day.  I was so thanksful and humbled and overwhelmed and happy.  We ran out under gold sparklers with our friends and family waving and smiling.  It was so bittersweet. 

Once in a lifetime does not sum up our wedding - it was truly God sent to fill my heart with joy for years to come.  Wow, reliving it just now has brought an incredible feeling to my heart.  Don't worry friends, lots more pictures to be shared.  Patience :)


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