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A Penny For Your Thoughts - Birthdays and Thank Yous

I cannot believe I have been gone from my beloved blog for so long.  I have not just missed writing, but I have needed this type of processing.  I recently experienced someone asking me to say what I wanted them to type and I realized it is not as easy for me to say what I am thinking as it is for me to type it out.  

I am not sure why I chose today to begin writing again.  While it may feel arbitrary, it may be because I am getting married this week and I have a lot to process.  It may be because I have never been through this before and with no frame of reference a blogger must write it out.  It may be because I have realized that I have so much encouragement to offer anyone who reads this, and it may be because people have been surprising me lately and I want to share that with the world.  

No matter why I chose to start writing again, I chose it, and I can easily stop - like I have once before.  However, I find my spirit rejuvenated.  First from my love for my unbelievable man who I cannot wait to make lifelong promises to in front of family and friends.  And second, for my renewed faith in my creator.  No matter where you lie on the faith scale, please give my heart a chance to speak to yours.  While you may not resonate with my faith, I guarantee you will resonate with one of my struggles.  And maybe the way I handle it will bring you to an understanding of my character and from that you will begin to understand my faith.  Don't rule it out :)

Tomorrow is my beautiful Mother and Sister's birthday, and while I wish I could be with them, I am so glad they can be with each other.  I want to write a little about them to give you a taste of these people who mean the world to me.

Faith is like a serious ray of sunshine.  She literally livens up any party and brightens up every room she walks into.  She has a contagious energy and a beautiful smile.  Her spirit loves to sing, and she does it like a literal angel before your eyes.  It is amazing to be around her and witness her faith and love grow and change and develop.  I am so proud of her and can't wait to celebrate so many more achievements in her life.  This birthday marks her independence and I cannot wait to see where God takes her and our friendship!  She is one of the maids on honor for me in my wedding on Saturday (along with our other beautious sister) and I cannot believe I was blessed with her to be one of my best friends in life.  I love you Faith Rose!

My mom is someone you should get to know.  She is generous with her last two pennies.  She will literally give you the coat off her back.  She is kind and SO forgiving and honestly someone I want to be just like when I grow up.  When I think of my family I immediately think of my parents.  They are such a strong team and people Bill and I aspire to be like.  She alone is smart, funny, kind and unbelievably wonderful.  I do not say these things because she is my mother; you can ask anyone in her life.  Patti Wecker would do anything for anyone and I hope to be just like her someday.

All this being said, I will be taking a red eye tomorrow night to begin the celebration of my wedding to William Jesse Rogers.  Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about him, and if you want to read a little bit about our journey go to the "My Boy" section of the blog in the right sidebar.  I hope to bring you updates on my heart and head as this week goes on and to give you my inner most thoughts and emotions.  Please check back and hold on to a piece of me.  This is bound to be one of the most important weeks of my entire life, and i am going into it ready to be with the one I love more than I ever knew possible.

God has been SO good to me.  He has given me the most wonderful family and I cannot imagine who I would be without them.  I know it seems like an easy time to be grateful - I am getting married!  However, all I have heard is the expectation of stress.  If i am married at the end of the day on Saturday, I have succeeded.  The rest is simple details.

What are you grateful for today?  
Take the time to write it out.  
Focus on it and let it soak in.
It WILL be therapy for your heart.

I am so glad to be back writing again... I guess I needed this more than I knew.

See you very soon :)  I am planning on Wednesday!


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