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A Penny For Your Thoughts - Birthdays and Thank Yous

I cannot believe I have been gone from my beloved blog for so long.  I have not just missed writing, but I have needed this type of processing.  I recently experienced someone asking me to say what I wanted them to type and I realized it is not as easy for me to say what I am thinking as it is for me to type it out.   I am not sure why I chose today to begin writing again.  While it may feel arbitrary, it may be because I am getting married this week and I have a lot to process.  It may be because I have never been through this before and with no frame of reference a blogger must write it out.  It may be because I have realized that I have so much encouragement to offer anyone who reads this, and it may be because people have been surprising me lately and I want to share that with the world.   No matter why I chose to start writing again, I chose it, and I can easily stop - like I have once before.  However, I find my spirit rejuvenated.  First from my love for my unbelievabl