Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Penny For Your Thoughts - Learn To Love Better


Even when you feel like they are in the right place it seems like there is not enough time for what is truly important.  Even when you are surrounded by friends and family you cannot make them feel important enough or tell them you love them enough.  Even when you spend time with wonderful people there are not enough hours in the day to make them feel enough love.  Even when you write letters and make phone calls you cannot write or call enough.

What am I learning?  You can work towards a goal of being 100% present, but our humanity does not allow us to be perfect, and that would be attaining perfection.  We can work towards being like Christ, but we cannot attain it.  That is a hard spot to be in.  I like knowing I can attain something and then work towards what is next.  The lesson I am seeking to grasp, is that the work and drive to keep moving forward despite never fully attaining or perfecting the Christian life is all a part of the journey.  I only hope I can strive towards moving forward and that aspiration to be more like Christ everyday.

I know some of you are reading this and thinking that I am more present than you are, and some of you are reading it and thinking I sound self righteous.  Well, I am here to tell you I have no idea where I stand sometimes.  I only know that I am trying my hardest every day and if you could see my heart and its desires you would know that it cries out to show people the love they each deserve.

I hope you each work towards loving people more and better each day.  Yes, you can learn to love people better.  Stop making it about you and make it about them.  How do they receive love?  Step outside yourself and remember that some things aren't meant to be easy, but the harder you work at them, the easier they get!

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