Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life Lessons - A More Than Inspiring Couple

I have the honor and privilege of knowing this wonderful selfless family.  They attend my church and our ties are truly amazing.  My grandmother and Erin's grandmother are best friends in Maryland, while we discover our relationship here.  Erin is a woman who has changed me for the better.  I can honestly say after knowing her I will never be the same.  

I feel like I have precious little to say in comparison to this amazing couple.  
They are awe inspiring and will never fail to amaze me.
Take 9 minutes to listen to their story and the outlook they have on life.  
You will never look at your own problems the same.

I honestly pray to be this strong, brave, and faithful in the face of adversity.

Mike and Erin, you daily amaze me.  I know there are days where you must crack and cry and scream and then there are days when you feel blessed and showered and adored.  I pray for your continued peace and faith through this journey of life.  Know that you are naturally inspiring and you do not have to work at it.  You are people I love to know better and better and I pray to effect you even a fraction as much as you have affected me.  Thank you, for all you do and all you are.  I love your family very much.  I am here for anything I can do for you.  Anything.

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