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Be Encouraged - Preferences versus Necessities

Happy Tuesday my Lovely Readers!

Today I wanted to share with you a recent article I wrote for Polka Dot Coaching, and hopefully get some of your feedback!  I genuinely love writing on others peoples blogs, although my own allows me a certain type of freedom as well; and this was no different.  It brought me so much joy to see how Nailah (the creator of Polka Dot Coaching) took my words and added an image and description of myself to go with them.  This is more than an answer to prayer, it is an affirmation that my desire to write is also a gift God has granted me with.  That is HUGE for me.  It can be something other people take seriously, and something that I really pursue.  Each time someone else publishes a piece I have written, my confidence grows a little in a humble way.  God, use me to further you through my writing, and use me to make a positive impact on this world!  It is not just about writing for me; it is about making an impact on others. 

I have been wrestling with losing a piece of my personality, and without know it, Nailah chose a "Free Spirit" image that really reassured me that all is not lost and I am still holding on to a piece of me that I consider so dear.  It is so amazing how someone can be an answer to your prayers without having any idea you needed to hear just what they same in you.  I didn't even put 2 and 2 together until I saw the image pop up with my post, and it literally brought tears to my eyes.  Someone else saw me, through my words, the way I want to be.  A Free Spirit, with a smiling face...

Written below is the text of the post, but I would really appreciate if you would head over to Polka Dot Coaching and take a look at the post Nailah put together for me.  I would love to post for her more, and having lots of feedback is always a good thing :)
image credit: A Well Traveled Woman
I took a deep breath and I jumped off the platform head first over the Nile River, and was overwhelmed by the feeling of freedom that rushed over me.  The fear of jumping never crossed my mind; I was too wrapped up in my own personal mellow drama of the moment.  However, once I had released myself to give it up and let it go, I literally jumped head first into the unknown.  This was my first time bungee jumping and it represented much greater things than just conquering a fear of heights.  I was releasing hurtful relationships and seemingly intangible dreams. I was releasing pent up frustration and tension. And I was releasing what I wanted and instead learning to be happy with what I needed.  This last distinction has changed my life: Preferences versus Necessities.  Give that some thought and let it wash over you.  America has brain washed us in some ways to believe we NEED things that we simply WANT.
I need creativity in my life, but I do not need a career in it, that is just what I would prefer.  I need happiness, but I can choose that of my own free will and go after it in my personal life.  I need to always accept my current situation and to remove denial from my heart and mind.  I need love and family, but I did not NEED that from the boy that in that moment I desired attention from, i just wanted that.  Sometimes we really start to believe we need things that we are aware are unnecessary in our lives.  We are so convinced that we feel we may die if we do not get them.  If you think about this process logically, it is extremely irrational.  We know we do not need something, yet our antics and dramatizations make it seem really important to us. Often times we are just trying to save face in the end. We can convince ourselves we are in love with people we barely know, we will only be happy in one specific career, that one specific success or failure will change everything, and that we will never have close friends and are destined for loneliness.  Rarely are these emotions reflective of reality; they are valid, but clouded.
I have always had people tell me that they wish that they could take chances like I do.  They wish they could move across the country & the world, go to a school where they do not know a single soul, and start a vulnerable blog about their life as an open book.  If you are reading those words and feeling the same way, I am here to tell you that you can!  You CAN take any chance that you want, and you will probably get an extreme rush of excitement from the exhilaration of the process.  To live your life to the fullest, you really NEED vulnerability in your life and you NEED to take risks.
Taking risks and being vulnerable has brought me into a career I would never have expected, a relationship with a boy who is absolutely perfect for my heart, and a life full of friends and family that I am invested in.  While the results may vary, I am encouraging you today to get in touch with who you are and what you need and focus on simplicity.  The latest technology will not solve your heart problems, but true genuine relationships will.  Patience will help in this process as it takes time, but whenever you are feeling down or lonely I can honestly say, you have a friend in me.  I resonate with your heart’s cry and I know that the journey of stripping away the excess desires that have been masking themselves as things you need is difficult, but the future simple life you will lead will be worth all the agony.
Be Well Lovely Friends.


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