Friday, May 4, 2012

Together Today - Oh How I've Missed You

You may recognize this picture from this post, but it is one of the few recent pictures we have (from Christmas) of the whole clan, so I thought I would throw it on this post :)  This is my family.  They are so amazing, it is hard to put into words.

Now sure, we fought constantly as children and struggled with our identity as a unit, but I think we are coming out stronger on this end of things.  I have gotten to watch each of these people grow, both literally and figuratively.  They have become men and women of God more everyday.  My parents have always been living examples for us of what love looks like, and they have shown us unconditional love and support everyday of our lives.

Tomorrow, Faith (with the blonde curly hair in the front in the picture), will graduate from college, and then Joy will be the only one left in school.  It overwhelms me to realize how much older we are getting.  With age, comes responsibility.  We can no longer ignore issues or push things off until we are older or make excuses.  I am so proud to be related to people who understand that.  We have to fight for our relationships to remain strong, and that isn't always easy.  It means accountability and honesty.

This picture really is inside my heart.  Each of the people mean so much to me, and wrapping my head around that can be a little overwhelming.  All you need to know is, they are every bit as good as I sell them to be.  Through God's grace, we have come out strong.  I pray that everyday that passes we each learn to love Him and live for Him in a unique and important way.  And that we learn how to show each other His perfect love.

As I sit over our spaghetti dinner tonight, I know I will feel like crying (in a good way).  I love the anticipation of overwhelming joy :)

Have the best weekend friends! 
And if you know Faith, make sure to say congratulations.  She has worked so hard for her degree!

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