Monday, May 21, 2012

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things - Camping Edition

Most people love it or hate it. 
I personally love bringing it back to basics. 

I love smelling like a camp fire. 
I love climbing into a tent with a full stomach of hot dogs and smores and potato chips. 
I love the great conversations that happen around an open fire, for some reason it is a facilitator for those. 
I love how the fire light dances across people’s faces and lights them up as they talk and laugh.
I love the lazy mornings with everyone gradually waking up and coming out in the same clothes as the previous evening.
I love the grungy/dirty elements of it all.
I love going for walks, and appreciating the nature surrounding me.
I love sleeping with a hundred blankets and being freezing cold at night, and waking up so warm you can’t wait to get out.
I really love the extremes of camping, hot and cold and exhausted and wide awake.
I really, really love the camping experience.

Last weekend, me and a few friends went down to San Clemente State Beach camp ground, and honestly it was one of the most beautiful campsites I have ever seen.  Unfortunately, I could only stay one night and then had to leave at lunch time, but I could have spent a week alone at this campsite.  All I wanted to do was read and eat simple food and have fires and drink beer and just relax…  It was about ¼ mile from the beach and had the most incredible view of the cliffs when we looked over the edge of our campsite.  It was such a wonderful evening with wonderful people.  Drinks and chicken sausages were had by all, and it was a night I can’t wait to repeat. 

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