Thursday, April 5, 2012

C'est La Vie - The Blessing of Commuting

I started the 45 min to 1 hour drive to work starting this past Monday, and I have to tell you I have had moments of peace and moments of regret already.

This may be the exhaustion talking, but I know it will just take time and getting used to. The drive into the sunrise is so wonderful! It has taken my breath away everyday thus far.

I am falling asleep at like 8 pm, and have almost no energy left when I get home at 5.  However, that is as close to complaining as I will allow myself to get.  I know I am blessed.  In order to get a raise at my full time job, I need to drive a little further in the morning.  Big deal, who cares.  Get over it Ryan.  There are worse things in life than driving towards the mountains every morning with the sun rising... 

I'm sucking it up and deciding to enjoy the drive - and coffee.

I hope to one day report not just grinning and bearing it, but enjoying it eventually.  Until then, this picture leaves you with a taste of my mornings :)  It just a bitter sweetness.  So mad at the hour of the day, so happy with that view.


  1. Sometimes (sometimes!) I miss my drive to work. I'd listen to books on tape!

  2. Any you want to let me borrow? :)