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IPhone Post - Unexpected Affirmation

I have some exciting news! Blogger has an app now that lets you post from you phone!! I am typing this before I go to bed while laying in bed, and am promising not to let the controlling side of me take over and worry about the way it looks. I know the font will be different, the formatting will be off, and the justification will not match. However, I need to remember whats most important It just needs to reflect my heart, and that is what I will offer you now. Last week held administrative professionals day. I just started a new job in a new office a month ago and did not expect much, but the gifts started Monday :) My new bosses really spoiled me by treating me to lunches, leaving me notes, and giving me small gifts. Most significant was Wednesday when I received these beautiful flowers in the mail at the office. Feeling affirmed was such an amazing feeling. They both took time to thank me personally for all I do. It really was amazing to experience true gratitude and thankfuln

The Color Run - A Life Changing Experience

This post has been a long time coming!   Remember when I told you about this way back when I decided to do it?   Well, now that it has happened, and I feel such a huge sense of accomplishment.   Some people sign up to run a 5k, and it is no big deal.   For me, it was a very big deal.   I hadn’t attempted anything like this in a long time; and to say it was successful would be an understatement. You guys, to get totally vulnerable with you for a moment, I truly did not believe I could do this.   I attempted to put my doubt aside, but it kept rising up as I was training.   I felt overwhelmed and like it should not be as hard for me as it was.   I worked so hard through the process, and when the day finally came, I knew if I set my mind to, I had the ability to accomplish my goal of running the whole race.   However, what I want to highlight to you is that it was as much a mental battle as a physical battle.   I had to push through the mental to get to the physical success!

A Perfect Night - The Wedding of Some of My Favorite People

 Ashley Wells is one of my dearest friends.   She has the most amazing soul.   I really do love her like she is my sister, and want everything for her in her life and love and dreams. James Pierce is such a stud.   He asks amazing questions and see right through people in a gentle way.   He is like a brother to me and is someone I truly respect. These two got married last week, and I introduced them. Their wedding was the Perfect storm of everything the two of them represent.   Words that come to mind are: relaxing, community, economical, love, fresh air, bare feet, poetry, letters, and twinkle lights.   It was the perfect balance of it all.   They danced and laughed and drank wine and ate tacos.   Their smiles were ear to ear the entire time I was in their presence.   Her dress fit her like a glove, and he looked at her like she was the only girl in the world.   Good beer, good company, good food.   I left feeling full, in lots of ways. With Bill by my side,

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things - My Recent West Elm Obsession

 As always, I have developed a recent obsession with a new store.   I don’t even love shopping, I just love finding places that feel homey to me, and West Elm captures a part of my essence that is rare to find!   It is fun and colorful, while being calm and relaxing.   I really love that combination. After discovering the store, I discovered many Pinterest pins, and I decided to compile a collection for you here.   I want you to enjoy them as much as I do.   They really bring me joy!   Isn’t it funny the kinds of things that make us happy? :)   The closest West Elm to us is about 45 minutes away in Santa Monica, and I am hoping to take a trip up there before Bill and I get married and purchase a few things for our new home together.   I am so blessed to have found a man who loves this colorful side of me.   Take time to peruse their website !    They have really wonderful bedding.   In fact, the comforter pictured above is the one Bill and

A Perfect Save The Date

There are many parts of my wedding I have been anticipating planning and designing and loving, but the Save the Date was something that took me by surprise.   I know I will love our vows, the tables will make me smile, I know that I adore my dress, I can completely picture the paper flowers, and I know I will our first dance will take my breath away.   However, as we get into the process, some things are surprising me, and this Save the Date is one of them.   I guess I never had a vision for our Save the Date.   It is kind of a new fad to go all out for it… All I wanted was for it to match our personalities and show how much we care for the people in our life.   Kind of a tall order for one little slip of paper!   Well, we decided to make it a GIANT slip of paper, and to make it as personal as possible.   Every time I think about I honestly well up.   My twin brother Christian designed it, and he did such a phenomenal job.   He really made it perfect.   The front is fun, reflects

A Penny For Your Thoughts - Be Present

Simple Days.   That is all I need. These are pictures after church on Easter. We spent the afternoon with Faith and Josh and took them to a new Boba place we discovered around the corner from Bill’s apartment. We sat and talked and laughed about nothing in particular.  From the outside looking in, it was not a big deal kind of a day.  However, every day should be treated as though it matters, because it does.  And everyone should be treated that way as well.  Sunshine and family.   What more could we ask for?   We are blessed beyond measure.  Don't take it for granted and treat people as though you will get to them tomorrow. Everyone should take more afternoons like this.   Put something off and relax.   Every time it crosses your mind, push it away.   It is important to just be present with people, and we were able to do that this day.   Soak up some time outside, it actually makes you feel better.   Just be with others.   Breathe in, brea

Little Loves - His Joy Comes In The Morning

Even though I have found consistency in my mornings, I have been struggling to smile as I head out the door to work.   I used to enjoy my mornings immensely, but since the switch over to earliness has occurred I have found it impossible to relax and enjoy those beginning hours of the day.   I only feel rushed and exhausted.   I have been praying that God would make “His Joy Come in the Morning,” but had no luck my first week out.   However, last week he really brought it home. I love old VW Bugs.   So much.   And if they come in a bright color, they are even more awesome to me.   When I see them on the road, I cannot help but smile.   I love little things like that, and I think each person has different ones.   God knows this, and he knows what each individual persons simple love is.   I also love to be on time, I do not do it out of obligation, I do it because I enjoy being an on time person.   It translates to dependability to me.   I like hitting the same points in the road at

Getting My Ducks in a Row...

It has been too long since I last blogged.   I literally find my fingers itching to run across the keyboard and type words to you precious people.   I hope no one lost hope in my blogging love.   I hope no one stopped reading who was faithfully doing so.   My life the last few weeks feels like a blur.   I have been up at 5 and in bed very early.   I have dear friends who got married, holidays have come and gone, and family remains dear to my heart.   Through it all, this blog has been in the back of my mind.   Planning posts and what to tell you, but the only words I have today seem to make me realize how important writing is to me. All this goes to say I have missed you.   Desperately and completely.   This is something I love.   Writing my heart onto this blog has become a piece of me.   Maybe it is silly to love it, but I do all the same, and I hope you can enjoy it along with me. Just a few updates for you to help you know what you missed, and you can bet on posts for some

C'est La Vie - The Blessing of Commuting

I started the 45 min to 1 hour drive to work starting this past Monday, and I have to tell you I have had moments of peace and moments of regret already. This may be the exhaustion talking, but I know it will just take time and getting used to. The drive into the sunrise is so wonderful! It has taken my breath away everyday thus far. I am falling asleep at like 8 pm, and have almost no energy left when I get home at 5.  However, that is as close to complaining as I will allow myself to get.  I know I am blessed.  In order to get a raise at my full time job, I need to drive a little further in the morning.  Big deal, who cares.  Get over it Ryan.  There are worse things in life than driving towards the mountains every morning with the sun rising...  I'm sucking it up and deciding to enjoy the drive - and coffee. I hope to one day report not just grinning and bearing it, but enjoying it eventually.  Until then, this picture leaves you with a taste of my mornings :)  

A Penny For Your Thoughts - Insecure As Ever

Do you remember being 16 and feeling self conscious all the time?   I always felt unsure and uncomfortable.   It was awful. I never fully felt like myself... I was always just trying to fit in. Well now, as I begin to discover my voice, I am realizing so many things about myself.  I am who I am, and I wish I could say it is unapologetically.  However, I often times find myself apologizing for just being me.  I STILL have trouble with needing acceptance.  I still have trouble wanting to validate everything I do.  I feel as though I have had flashbacks on my teenage years lately.  It is strange to put this in words, but I guess I have realized that I will always struggle with the need for acceptance.  I will always want to be validated.  I want to not need these things, but I often wonder if there is anything wrong with wanting them... Is it alright to want people to understand and accept you?   Is it only wrong if you need it versus just wanting it? I do not see mys

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things - Ally and Birthdays

You know those people that light up a room?  Just by being around them you feel more relaxed and like you can't wipe the smile off your face... Well that, my friends, is Ally Garvin for those of us lucky enough to know her. All that Ally wanted her for her birthday was friends, a picnic, a park, sunshine, and time to just be together.  She definitely got it!  A bunch of people she loves gathered to sit on plaid blankets, drink sparkling water, and eat cheese and crackers.  Honestly, it was so lovely.  There is something special about making a plan to just be in the same place.  There was no agenda.  No schedule to follow. I loved it and she loved it and it was the best!  It was truly a day for Ally, but one for me as well.  These items described are a few of my favorite things :)  Simplicity exemplified.  What would be your ideal birthday celebration? Don't forget to spread the word about my blog to your friends! When I hit 50 I will do my first giveaway.