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A Reflection Of Myself - Painted In Red

Sometimes a song really reflects my heart, and this Sara Bareilles song does just that.  The way she puts her struggle is beautiful and poetic, and I hope you gain from this song and that her self expression helps you to see your own.  This is my story from way back, and something I have overcome.  I love how she puts it, because this journey of doubt and frustration never ends.

I want to encourage you to be sure to write out your feelings, whether it is a personal journal or a public blog.  It is worth the energy - it clarifies.  If you are someone who struggles to express yourself in words, allow yourself to reflect others expressions.  Whether it be a musical artist, a poet, or an author; allow their expression to help clarify your own personal journey.  Their words can ring clear something you are having trouble expressing.  Listen without judgement.  Allow others words to wash over you and help you understand yourself.

I've Been Down, I've Been Out
I Did It All On My Own
It Seems Growing Up
Didn't Take Long

I Feel Strange, I Feel Good
I Feel Better With You
You've Changed, You Should
'Cause I Think I Did Too

I Made My Mistakes
I Did A Few Things Right
But It Will Take What It Will Take
And Baby That's Life

You Cannot Change What You Do Not Own
Everybody Knows
But If You Live Deep And Love Strong
You Get Pretty Damn Close

It Moves Fast And It Scares Me
I Close My Eyes, Oh, But I Still See

I'm Fading In & Out
What Are You Supposed To Do? Save Me Now
From All Of This Danger You Don't Know, How
And I'll Find My Way Out When I'm In The Red

Listening To Strangers Inside My Head
The Darkening Angels Beneath The Bed
I See Everything You Said, Crimson In Red

I Shake And I Smile 'Cause You Said
Baby Girl It May Take Awhile
But Take The Good From The Bad
And Never Minds Are Never Sure
So Never Leave Them Wanting More

What Are You Waiting For?
How You Love Is Who You Are
I Dive In And I Sink In
And I Find New Colors To Think In

I'm Fading In & Out
What Are You Supposed To Do? Save Me Now
From All Of This Danger You Don't Know, How
And I'll Find My Way Out When I'm In The Red

Listening To Strangers Inside My Head
The Darkening Angels Beneath The Bed
I See Everything You Said, Crimson In Red

In The Distance Is A Line Defining Where I've Been
The State I'm In And Ever Since
It Began To Slip From Two Hands I've Been
Taunting Fires, Touching Wires, Been Believing Liars
Everything They Said, Painted In Red
Painted In Red, Painted In Red

Sara Bareilles - "Red"

What song speaks to your personal journey? 
I would love to hear it and take the words into my heart.

Have a Wonderful Thursday Dear Friends :)


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