Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The One And Only Seattle

I only gave you a sneak peak of Seattle last week, but now I want to tell you a little more about our trip!

Bill and I flew up to meet my little brother and his girl in Seattle last month, and let me tell you it was wonderful.   We arrived and met at the hotel to get a good night’s sleep and head into downtown early the next morning.  After an amazing breakfast, we spent our first day walking through Pike’s Place Market, sampling everything handed to us, and breathing in the fresh rainy air.  It was great to have time spent with these two, and not having to split our attention.  We just enjoy each other’s company… So much.  We laughed and talked and just enjoyed the setting. 

Bill’s uncle lives near this beautiful place, and his aunt happened to be up there the same weekend we were, and they spent so much time showing us around and telling us all their favorite hidden gems throughout the area and the market.  We could not thank them enough!  They took us to their favorite bars and it was so wonderful to see pieces of our families blend is this new city.  I loved having Kath and Al join us.  They were amazing hosts in the city that they love.

The second day was Stephen’s birthday, and we did it up right!!  Donuts and coffee, the Space needle, shopping, walking, drinking, eating, and so much more!  I LOVED having Stephen with me to celebrate him, it is a rarity that we can do those things together.  Nikki, Stephen’s beautiful girlfriend, had bought him a pie from outside the city.  We took a taxi out to the bakery and then spent some time in Freemont and met the troll under the bridge.  It was so fun to just explore.  We stumbled upon a Farmer’s Market and outdoor market and it was so fun to have no agenda.  Such a fantastic day ending in delicious food and drinks to celebrate the birth of my wonderful brother J  To be with him and Nikki was so amazing.  I really love them.  Nikki is a lovelt addition to our family, and I can’t wait to see these two grow in their love for each other over the coming years.

The last day we were there was mostly spent with Bill’s dear friend James.  We walked around and checked out a few places friends had told us about.  I have written about him before here, and I love their friendship.  It is not only special to Bill, but it is truly special to me.  We enjoyed time with him after Stephen and Nikki headed to the airport, and when we walked away from them my heart sank a little.  I miss them always and wish they lived closer.  I just want to show them my life out here! 

It was such a wonderful trip and a preview of a city I have a good feeling Bill and I will be spending alot more time in!  We will miss you Seattle :)

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